What is an NP preceptor?

The preceptor is a health professional with ongoing responsibility for client care who can assist the learner in developing knowledge and skill because of his/her clinical expertise and proximity to clients. Clinical experiences for nurse practitioner (NP) learners are a substantial component of their education. During clinical placements, students work under the supervision of an NP Preceptor to provide care to patients, following the regular work day of the Preceptor. By working with an experienced NP in clinical practice settings, learners are able to apply their knowledge to real life situations and consolidate their clinical abilities.


Preceptor’s Role in the PHCNP Program:

  • Provides the learner with an orientation to the clinical setting.
  • Helps the learner to formulate his/her learning plan in relation to the learning opportunities available in the clinical setting.
  • Facilitates the learner’s acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills related to his/her personal objectives and the objectives for the field work experience.
  • Provides constructive feedback to the learner about his/her performance in the clinical setting.
  • Encourages and facilitates the learner’s exposure to other clinical experiences and personnel as resources for his/her learning.
  • Discusses with the clinical tutor any difficulties/concerns with respect to the learner’s clinical performance.
  • Provides written comments about the learner’s clinical performance on the Clinical Evaluation Form which will be used to determine the learner’s final grade for the field work experience

In addition, a preceptor…

  • Orients and socializes the learner to the role.
  • Serves as a role model.
  • Facilitates theory application.
  • Guides learners in the experience of applying knowledge to practice.
  • Disseminates evidence-based research findings for use in practice.
  • Helps learners develop clinical competence, independence and autonomy.
  • Acts as a team member and collaborator.
  • Provides critical job knowledge and shares clinical experience.
  • Accelerates the professional growth of learners and promotes confidence and competence.